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Today’s Topic - 9/29/11


Very! Ok well, that is what guys say. But I think it’s important too. If you don’t have a healthy sex life, it will lead to arguements. Therefore, leading to an unhealty relationship. Granted there are several “things” that need to go into making a relationship a good one. Such as trust, communication, understanding, faithfulness, etc. But you should be romanticly attracted to your partner. If you are in a relationship and the sex portion of it is not up to par, you have to ask yourself, why? Yes, I know, love is not all about looks, blah blah blah…..BUT it will never last if you are not attracted sexually to the person, trust me!  

Bottom line…..yes sex is important might not be the MOST important part of a relationship, but it is definantly top 5!

*My honest truth*

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Today Topic - 9/28/11


From what majority of the guys say, the answer is NO! Duh!!! I knew that!

This question was from a very close friend of mine who has been with her boyfriend for close to 6 months now. However, he has been pursuing her for over 2 years. He has already dropped the L-bomb, so I was so confused when she told me he felt telling her he missed her was a “feminine” thing to say.

When you are in a relationship, it is a must to express your feelings. You can’t walk around like an emotionless robot and expect your partner to be OK with it. Everyone likes to hear/feel that they are wanted and/or missed, especially us females. Once you are at that level where you can say the L-word, there shouldn’t be anything you can’t say to each other. Even if you haven’t gotten to the ‘Love” phase yet, there is nothing you should hold back on when it comes to your feelings. How else are you going to progress in the relationship if you can’t simply say “I miss you?!”

One responder said that if they get the vibe that the girl is not receptive to the statement they won’t say anything. I can respect that….to an extent. If you are in a committed relationship, such as the one we are referring to in this topic, then it is just a cop out. As another responder said, “the whole ‘feminie’ thing goes out the window once the relationship becomes real.” If a girl is not receptive to a guy expressing that he misses her, then she most likely is not into him. And if that’s the case that is definitely something that needs to be discussed!

Bottom line is this - if you are into a girl (or guy) don’t be afraid to express your feelings. You will never know unless you take a chance. Sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there and not care what others might think. Sometimes you might fall but then again….. you could win it all!

*My honest truth*

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Today’s Topic - 9/27/11


From what everyone says, it is basically for convenience. Kind of shocking when you think about it! Are we really that “lazy” that we will stay in a relationship with someone because it’s convenient? To me, that just means you are unhappy with yourself. Some say they stay because the two have a child together. Well I say, that’s a 1940’s excuse! This day in age, plenty of children grow up in a divorced/separated household and manage perfectly. It is 100% better to be separated then living together and arguing all the time in front of the children. This is where young kids see domestic violence and next thing you know they are on the playground pushing each other down.

Bottom line is, if you are not happy in the relationship you are in, GET OUT! Don’t cause another person heartache by cheating or wasting years of their life because you are too lazy to pack up and keep it moving. Get right with yourself before you get with someone else.

*My honest truth*